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The China Food Machinery Network has carefully recommended the key points of the food machinery industry today to facilitate industry insiders to understand the industry development and social hotspots, and to explore some business opportunities.

Food Machinery August 10th Industry Hot Spotlight

A roast duck of 18 yuan is a meat duck product produced to meet the mass-market consumption pattern. In addition, most of these meat duck products are cherry valley ducks and small white ducks. The general feeding cycle is short, the cost is controllable, and the profit is profitable. The breeding, slaughtering and roasting are basically mechanized and automated, and the production links are safe and reliable. Quality is guaranteed.

Israel has become the world’s number one milk-producing country with less than the country’s two land areas in Beijing. Where is the secret of high-yield milk? Following this year’s International Agricultural Technology Expo in Israel, a startup uses sensor + software data to analyze cow emotions. Index, the innovative technology of assisting dairy cows to produce milk, China’s dairy companies are gradually analyzing the answer.

There is no doubt that “machine substitution” can not only improve production efficiency, reduce labor, solve the problem of difficult recruitment, but also ensure product safety, promote high-quality development of enterprises, and accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. It is true that even if some jobs can use robots, they are replaced only by posts rather than humans. Jobs such as sorting, packaging, palletizing, and handling have achieved “machine substitution”, but they still need skilled craftsmen to control them. And debugging robots, otherwise the efficiency of robot work will be greatly reduced.

The high-end water usually uses the water quality of the water source as the raw material. Therefore, the treatment process of the water is not complicated, and only the impurities are filtered and sterilized. At present, the mineral water treatment on the market usually uses a quartz sand filter, an activated carbon filter, a precision filter, an ultrafiltration device, etc., and then is sterilized by an ozone sterilizer. Taking an ultrafiltration device as an example, such a device uses a pressure action to rapidly pass an aqueous solution through a filtration membrane, in which impurities are left because the pore diameter is too large to pass.

According to relevant personnel, the texture analyzer can detect the hardness, brittleness, elasticity, chewiness, rupture/breaking force of different foods, etc. Of course, these parameters of pet food can also be tested with a texture analyzer. The author understands that due to the variety of pet foods on the market, such as pet dry food, canned food, sandwiches, tooth cleaners, etc., many texture analyzers have a variety of probes to choose from, and the detection mode is flexible, just to meet the diverse pets. Food testing requirements.

China’s resource treatment of biogas usually has two ways of producing fertilizer and biogas. In order to make resource utilization of kitchen waste, it is necessary to recycle the relevant garbage first. Yangzhou tries to free the small barrels for families to urge them to recycle the kitchen waste. These recycled kitchen wastes will be resourced through the process of “pretreatment + wet solution + medium temperature anaerobic fermentation”.

Post time: Aug-10-2015
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