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Purgamentum manual Patefacio Hot Press Machina


Application:  Rubber Vulcanizer machine is used for vulcanizing all kinds of rubber products. In our practical application, we usually add mold to produce all kinds of rubber and plastic products, like shoes tread, small tyre, packing ring, rubber oil seal and so on, and also some non-mould products like conveyor belt.Structure:The rubber vulcanizer machine is mainly consists of oil hydraulic control system,  piston, hot plate and electric relay or PLC control system.Features:1. The rubb...

  • MALITIA Price: US $ (VI) - (C) / Motet;
  • Min.Order Price: altera
  • Facultates copiam: L per mense Set
  • Portus: Qingdao
  • Payment Terms: L / C, T / T, Western Unionis
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    Flexilis Vulcanizer apparatus usus est in vulcanizing omnes products de rubber. In usum nostrum, nos plerumque addere ad producendum omnes fingunt, et est rubber plastic products, sicut calceamenta calca, subigens strigare parvum, anulum stipare, Flexilis et super oleum, et sigillum, et quidam non-products, sicut TRADUCTOR balteus fingunt.structure;The rubber vulcanizer machine is mainly consists of oil hydraulic control system,  piston, hot plate and electric relay or PLC control system.Features:1. The rubber vulcanizer machine adopts electrical heating, steam heating or heat conducting oil heating according to customer requirements.2. Heating Plate Material: used good quality steel-Q235-A.3. The manual open rubber hot press machine adopts electric relay manual control system, when get to the pre-set vulcanizing(curing) time, the machine will alarm, then worker go to manually open the machine by operate the handle.Option: PLC automatic control, which  can realize the clamping, exhaust, temperature control, curing time, alarm, mold unloading function. Touch screen can display the plate temperature of each heating zone and timing.

    4. Hidrauliskās ZG270-500 cylindrus ex materia dura gerit Poopus denso ferro stagnum proiecit textura missaque explete molendo; hydrau sigillo signatis genus cylindricum induit inaurem YX.

    5. HYDRAULICUS system, hydrau statione ad uti nota faces, can animadverto ipso fingunt claudere atque aperire, exhauriunt, et unloading fingunt.

    Technical parametris:

    Infra sunt maxime communis usus exempla monstrabit, et nos per ipsum speciali ac machinis customize postulationem.

    columnae genus

    genus CD-XLB DQ400 * * II XLB DQ600-DC * * II XLB, DCCCL DQ750 * * II * M * II-XLB DQ1000 XLB, MD DQ1500 * * II XLB CCC-DQ300 * * II
    Summa pressura (N) 0,50 1.00 1,60 4.00 8.00 0,25
    Plate magnitudine (mm)

    CD CD *

    DC DC *


    M M *

    MD CL *

    CCC * CCC

    Saepe alvi deiectio laminam (mm) 125 125 125 125 125 125
    working accumsan 2 2 II (IV) II (IV) II (IV) 2
    Piston plaga (mm) 250 250 CCL (D) CCL (D) CCL (D) 250
    Plate pressura (Mpa) 3,1 2,8 2.5 4.0 3,6 2.1
    Motricium potentia (kw) 2,2 3 3 5.5 5.5 2,2
    Pondus (kg) 1300 3500 6500 11000 22000 1050

    genus frame

    genus XLB D780-DC * XLB D800-M * XLB D900-MC * XLB-MCC D1000 * XLB D1350 * MD,
    Summa pressura (T) 160 250 300 500 1000
    Plate magnitudine (mm) DCCLXXX DC * DCCC M * CM MC * M * MCC * MD MCCCL
    Saepe alvi deiectio laminam (mm) 200 140 150 150 150
    stratum numerus 2 4 4 4 6
    Motricium potentia (kw) 5.5 7.5 7.5 11 22

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